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Sunny Daze Transfers

UV DTF Gang Sheet Builder

UV DTF Gang Sheet Builder


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Looking to purchase UV DTF transfers in bulk? This is the listing you need. Gang sheets allow you to purchase multiple images while saving money.

What is a UV DTF transfer? UV DTF is NOT for clothing. This is a hard surface print. Think of what you would put a sticker on. Coolers, drink ware, boats, wood, acrylic you name it. UV stickers are super durable. They do not fade in the sun. They are waterproof. Scratch resistant and you don't have to worry if they accidentally hit the dishwasher.

While UV DTF transfers can survive the dishwasher, hand washing is best for longevity of the sticker.

YOU a build the gang sheet. We print for you. 

All gang sheets are 22" wide. You pick the length and load them up!

All submitted graphics must be print quality. Minimum 300dpi. PNG & PDF formats accepted. PNG is preferred! Lower quality graphics do not print well. NO screenshots.

All our UV DTF transfers are printed in house on our commercial printer.


1. Pre-press to remove moisture and wrinkles
2. Press at 300 for 10 seconds. Heavy pressure.
3. Slowly peel at ANY temperature! Cold peel for best results.
*If it doesn't peel, please stop and press again.
4. Cover with teflon or parchment paper and press again for 7 seconds.

Product Care

For best results, hand wash only. Can withstand occasional dishwashing but may start to chip after successive trips through the dishwasher.

No sealing is needed.

When used on keychains, chipping could occur. Thicker designs will last longer than thin lines.

UV DTF stickers are great for outdoors and will tolerate most all weather with no problems at all. Safe for automatic carwashes.

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